Running on empty?

What motivates you? I find the busier I am the better I feel generally.

The problem is when you’re feeling sluggish or down and fed up sometimes getting to work and back along with looking after your immediate responsibilities stretches your already limited fuel tank.

The last few weeks I’ve felt healthier and emotionally happier. I was thinking about what motivates me?

Emotionally I’m motivated by laughter and conversation. Proper conversation. My friend invited me for lunch and cooked the most wonderful blush red tomato, chilli and pepper soup this week. ‘Proper’ coffee bubbled on the side , the smell of freshly toasted bread hung in the air and blueberries waited for dessert. We only had an hour and sat by her wooden table and we talked and talked. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Stephen Fry, parenting, work, feminism and religion just some of the subjects squashed into that sixty minutes. I drove back to work happily feeling the heat of the chilli and the warmth of the friendship.

Outside of emotional health I’ve discovered running (again). I tried once last year but the dark nights eventually allowed me to excuse myself from trying. I’m back up to week 4 now, and feeling determined. It’s different this time.

The grey roads worn from the winters frost lay heavy under feet. The bitter wind strikes my hands and face while the rest of me hides under layers. I’m lucky as the countryside where I live is just amazing, The mountains dance under the light mist and grey blue skies. The towering trees stand still and the sun pushes through warming my bones, slightly.

I run a lot without music. I like to hear all around me. The beauty is there’s not a lot to hear. Rabbits dart in the fields, sheep look up at me without particular interest, I pass and say hello to one or two people and the occasional car slows down to wave as they pass my chugging steps.

I’m not fast, I’m not that fit yet, I’m not elegant. But importantly to me….I am motivated.




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