How do you see it?


I got home from work. In fact I drove home with the roof down on the car. I hung the washing out. All three dogs pace around following me as I peg each sock out in the sunshine. I admire the rose bush that is almost in flower and some seedlings are coming through. I remind myself how bad I am at watering the plants and the miracle that they’re looking ok.

The dogs keep staring. I get their leads and we walk up the narrow lane heading out the village. As I pass three strangers who politely say hello a few drops of rain land.  I love the rain. Especially on a warm day. Still I was surprised at the quick turn in weather.

I get to the field where I’m hoping the dogs can run but the fine drops dramatically turn into tennis ball sized fat rain. My tiny dog does not look amused. The other two are more robust but I head back.

The tennis ball fat rain changes to rugby sized dense chunks. I catch up with the three strangers. An older woman with her two sons I assume. As I approach she doesn’t see me. She’s giggling and laughing and dancing and singing.  Because of the rain. I smiled as I caught up. You love the rain,  I say. I don’t want her to feel  embarassed. She isn’t. 

All four of us take solace under two huge trees. We chat about the dogs,  my washing and the fact they’re on holiday.  The rain eases.  We say our  goodbyes and I walk on.

My little dogs view of the rain is not good. She’s wet. She’s annoyed.

For me the rain brought opportunity. The strangers made me smile and inside I felt happy in that moment.

How do you see it?


One thought on “How do you see it?

  1. I see it as a moment that defines your evolvement, as you become reconciled to life without the physical presence of Tes, but accept gradually that she is now within you, and around you, and you can carry on living and begin to feel those happy moments once again.
    And that makes me feel happy for you.

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