Here and now.


We are making our way home from a weekend away with my family.  9 of us.  We were talking in the car about how we enjoyed it and I surprised myself by not only talking of enjoying the swimming,  golf, games and family meals with competitive card games. I found myself enthusiastically saying I also loved just being able to sit and drink some mixed blend tea watching the sun shine through the glistening emerald leaves.

I enjoyed ten minutes alone at times.

This for me is a big thing.

I don’t really do alone very often.

Always busying my time.

This last year I’ve learnt to start looking after myself and my mind so much more.  I’ve had to.

Each night away I practised some meditation and mindfulness and enjoyed some lovely un-interrupted sleep. No anxiety or suddenly sitting up in the middle of the night worrying.

What has dawned on me is that mindfulness shouldn’t just be for when I have the time. Stating the obvious I know!    I need to make time every  day to look after my mind, thoughts,  feelings and soul.

As I eat my scrummy poached egg and grilled tomatoes alone on my final morning in the forest, sipping fresh juice I’m feeling thankful for that moment.  And for that, I’m grateful.


ps thanks for the white feather in my room Tes xxx


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