Mindful meandering.

Try try try. As another bereaved mum recently said being positive all the time. Can be very exhausting.  I hadn’t thought of that before. Also though, being negative and complaining is equally exhausting isn’t it and there’s nothing to gain. So for me I keep choosing the first option. Where I can. 

I catch myself complaining at times.  I catch myself feeling very sorry for myself. I am made up of genes and cells and skin.  I am human therefore I fall off the positive wagon often.  But keep trying. That’s what I think.  Keep trying. Keep reminding yourself how you want to live. I might worry myself stupid about something that I can do nothing about for hours but I’ll eventually remind myself that it’s pointless and i’ll bring myself back to mindfulness.  My strength. My recent saviour.  One day at a time. The present moment.

I also put things in place to remind me. Daily lessons and I’d like to share some over my next few blogs.

When you can,  every day think of just 2 things to be grateful for and if you can write them down.  I do mine quickly so they can seem quite random and not always the most obvious.   Today mine are:

1. My village.  A place of vibrant, fun,
supportive and accepting community. A place with an old red phone box, a safe happy park, white painted houses and interesting occupants.  Tiny roads spilled with cherry blossom leaves.  Family, trees and speckled with sheep. Deep beautiful greenery.

2.  My family.  My son, my daughter my partner,  my beautiful fun naughty dogs. The love, the smiles, the shoulders to lean on, the tears, the dancing,  the singing.  The caring for and being cared for. The memories that can never be taken away.

As the day goes in if I feel anxious or fed up I try to remind myself of these things that I have to be grateful for. It takes some work to create a more positive you and it can be exhausting to change but small steps to feel better about yourself are worth it. We’re all worth a bit of effort x



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