You lived.


525600 minutes, 365 days, 12 months since you left us.

Every second of every minute we love you and we miss seeing your smile.

If I could ask one thing of everyone that knew you it would be this.

I know everyone who knew you will always remember you leaving us on the 21st April 2013 but I’d ask that everyone who knew you spent more time thinking about your life, your eyes, your hair, your skin, your mouth, your words, the things you did, the people you touched, the words you wrote, the happiness you brought.

I don’t ever want your 14 years, 11 months and 2 weeks that you walked on the earth to be mostly about you leaving it.  You lived it, you loved it and you brought an eternal amount of happiness to all of our lives in so many different ways.  We will always feel sad at the loss of not having more of you but your life really was one to be celebrated Tes and I will celebrate it from the first time your tiny fingers circled my own to the time I kissed you goodbye.

You are literally forever in my heart Tes.

Mum xxx


One thought on “You lived.

  1. Dwysan, it has been a wretched, tough year for you, for all of you, but I think you have reacted to Tesni’s passing with immense courage and dignity. Your writings, self-analysis and examination, have I am sure been therapeutic, and helped you to cope in your own way, but have also served to help many of your closest family and friends identify and examine their own emotions and conflicts, while gaining an insight to your inner feelings. And all your words have served to keep Tesni very much here.
    As always, you have my profound sympathy and great admiration.
    Roger xx

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