Red for Tes


Just a short blog today, it’s been a heavy week, one of memories, sadness, inspiration, smiles, kindness.  Days are like that now.  Hours are like that.  Seconds can be like that.  A mixture of moody darkness but with sparkling flecks of bright light speckled by people.  People, family, friends, strangers all throwing mood changing light into our different life.  It can be a simple smile, a silly photograph, breakfast in bed, a surprise bunch of flowers, an email, a telephone call, a private joke, a walk in the woods.  Happiness comes from within but also from outside, to be happy I think we have to create happy – for others and then we will have a chance of being happy too.  This week friends of Tes did a wonderful thing and raised over £2000 for the British Heart Foundation, they wore red, baked cakes and smiled.   I was asked by the British Heart Foundation to be interviewed on the TV and also for local newspapers, to raise awareness.  I said no at first, not really being able to face the publicity or reliving the moments again. It only took me a few seconds to change my mind, to know it was right for others, to perhaps bring a smile to another family in the hope research by BHF can prevent  even one more tragedy.

Red for you Tes.

My beautiful baby girl




6 thoughts on “Red for Tes

  1. So glad you were able to speak about your daughter to the press, although I know how hard it can be to do so. So special that her friends raised so much money. Sending gentle hugs from across the pond… from a mom who lost her son suddenly as well.

  2. Lovely again Dwys. Hard for you to be going through this but I am sure you have helped many more people than you know.xxxx

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