It may seem weird to be writing about positivity after this year. In fact my son said to me the other day – there isn’t a positive about everything and I thought he’s right, there isn’t. My intention through writing this year has been to reinforce that there are things in this world, right now, in this life, mine and yours to be positive about or at least that is my hope. And that brings me to my next word for 2013 – hope. There has to be hope doesn’t there because if there isn’t what have you got?

So, yes this is about positivity and hope while acknowledging some situations don’t necessarily have a positive light shining. Losing someone you love, whether suddenly or expectantly doesn’t feel like a positive experience. I’ve worried when writing that I sound a bit like a preacher about being positive, that it may sound dismissive and that has never been my intention. Nobody can say to you (or me) – yes that is awful but don’t worry there will be a positive side to it. Actually losing Tes for instance will always be something painful, sorrowful, sad, shocking and horrifically grief-filled.

However, my belief is that there are ways of looking at what is going on around you which can be so beneficial not just for you but for those living around you, friends, family, work colleagues. I recently discovered during the last few months actually, something called Mindfulness. I was telling someone about how I deal with what has happened, it basically comes down to taking a day at a time, an hour at a time and initially a minute at a time. He said to me there was a word for this – Mindfulness.

When I explored Mindfulness the concept of this is to focus on what is happening now. Your breath. The colour of the sky. How the trees move in the breeze. The sound of someone laughing. The beauty of silence. How your hands move and how your body feels. With this there are exercises that I have taken part in to effectively meditate using mindfulness and relieve tension and stress – the basis is breathing in and out (very handy!) but with it closing your eyes, breathing in, letting your stomach rise and exhaling slowly feeling your breath travel all the way through your body and just concentrating on what is happening now. I’ve used this technique to get myself back to sleep or just to calm myself when things are feeling tough.

I’m not sure why but I wanted to share that on 31.12.13, a discovery really of a way to live, to focus on what’s happening now and with it giving yourself positivity and hope – something to battle the negativity and despair when it comes calling at your door.

For many of us 2013 has been an immensely difficult one, for many it has been filled with joy and happiness. 2014 will be the same so it’s important to get those tools ready to deal with the ups and downs of what is our life. We only have one.

Thank you for reading my blogs, for your comments, for your support in so many ways.

I wanted to finish by drawing up a small list of some things I’ve found which have give me positives and hope for 2013 and here they are:

“Laughing brothers, cocktails, Lolly, 90th birthdays, dinner watching a Menorcan sunset, knitted hats, unexpected cards, baby cheeses, new friends, tapas, train journeys, old friends, days at the spa, rainy racecourses, seaside cycling, cakes at work, sharing thoughts, poetry, beautiful benches, library of rememberance, a onesie, hooded coat for my puppy dog, halloween callers, long lunches, a new tea-cup, fresh eggs, freezing football mornings, silly wigs, tickles, new haircut, writing, squeezing into a hotel room, wrestling, kisses, reuniting with family, xmas drinks, long emails, hugs, quick phonecalls, chatting and wine, tiny new babies, letters, laughter and love”

Happy New Year,



4 thoughts on “2013

  1. you have lost but still give,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, be it a blog or a comment,, you are , sharing life changing moments,,, maybe that is what you where meant to do?? who knows,,, but you are helping more than you know…and am sure tes is proud

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