Your clothes.

Your clothes.

The spotty play suit.
You wore it on stage.
My smile over spilled.
I felt your clothes.

The Bench hoody.
You begged for it.
My heart couldn’t deny.
I smell your clothes.

The skinny green jeans.
You bought with pride.
My last shopping trip.
I stroke your clothes.

The teddy bear onesie.
A Christmas present.
My silly humour.
I hug your clothes.

The trendy bikini.
Packed to sandy sun.
My grown-up girl.
I fold your clothes.

The T-shirt with writing.
Bands I don’t know.
My mind fills with notes.
I watch your clothes.

The purple button coat.
It was bought for me.
My eyes chose you.
I put them away.

Your clothes.



6 thoughts on “Your clothes.

  1. A beautiful poem. I have gone through some of my daughter’s clothes and it is aways a moving and tender experience. This poem expresses it perfectly, hauntingly lovely.

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