Colours stopped making sense.
Lost, rounded, jagged, square,
once softly slotted close,
now fighting for space.

Firstly filled with amber glow,
nature, notes and sunsets.
Sparkling green locked looks
With corresponding faces

Fragile stoical feigned belief.
Movements made in clouds
of dirty mesh cream netting
and impending red splashing.

Transparent falling tears,
wastefully angry scenes.
Despite a waterfall of hope.
Dreams turn to black.



5 thoughts on “Colours

  1. Thank you , I’m humbled but its not true though. I think we are only as as good as our next poem, storty etc.

    anyway I’m following now , have meaning to do so for a while. x,

    1. Hope you’re not disappointed by my intermittent ramblings. Was looking to keep it a bit more upbeat than my normal ramblings but life gets in the way! X

      1. No not at all . I been enjoying your blog , It’ s that I’ve meaning to press like and comment and as you say life gets in the way. x

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