The lady of iron

Over dinner with my 14yr old daughter tonight, we were talking about Thatcher, I was explaining about her time in power, the miners, the council houses, the Falklands, the poll tax, the unemployment rise. I hadn’t been on any social networking sites all day. My 14 yr old was visibly shocked by what she had read. Why are people rejoicing in the death of an old woman, she asked. What about her family, her children and her grandchildren?

What a proud moment for me.

I’m no Tory fan or a Thatcher fan BUT rightly or wrongly I was 11yrs old (ish) when she was in power and I can honestly say I thought that because she had got to the position of prime minister – it meant that perhaps that could be me some time. Not to be her but that as a woman I could be what I wanted.

She wasn’t popular in most of what she did but politicians rarely are.

To rejoice in the death of someone is wrong and I’m proud that my daughter has kinder and more respectful words than much of what I have seen from supposedly intelligent adults tonight.

Intelligent maybe, compassionate and respectful not.

This is one time when I really believe in the words – lead by example.


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