Dear George….

George Osbourne today is set to say: “For too long, we’ve had a system where people who did the right thing – who get up in the morning and work hard – felt penalised for it, while people who did the wrong thing got rewarded for it. That’s wrong. So this month we’re going to put things right” (according to the BBC news)

Apart from the fact I think the statement about benefits is stereotypical nonsense. I am looking forward to getting my reward as a working person for the last 25 yrs. So far this year I’ve been rewarded with higher gas and electric bills, an increase in council tax, a never ending increase in fuel costs, almost no chance of selling my house if I wanted to, an increase in car insurance, an increase in mortgage payments and you guessed it a decrease in my disposable income. George, bring on the rewards. I’m waiting.


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