Stripped bare.

Josie Cunningham, she’s a whore, a slut, a slapper. She’s the woman who got a breast enlargement op on the NHS. She’s increased her ‘chances of getting cock’ and if you want to read more, they even talk about how her ‘pussy reeks’.

Firstly, it is the NHS that chooses what they spend their budget on. Not Josie Cunningham. So don’t bully an individual, complain to the NHS if you have a problem with it.

This barrage of insult and bullying about Josie Cunningham isn’t anything to do with that though is it. It’s because she’s a woman and it’s because she now has big tits, tits that can be displayed against every vile article written about her.

The biggest irony of all is that the Sun newspaper ran this ‘exclusive’ story. The paper that promotes women to strip off, the paper that probably makes women like Josie Cunningham dream to be Katie Price. And yet they ran the story, knowing what outrage there would be against her, knowing that people would call her a slut, a bitch a whore and talk about whether they’d ‘fuck her’ or not. One said he thought the nipples should be claimed as his, after all it’s tax payers money.

How can they do this to people? How can people do this to Josie Cunningham? She is a human being, with two kids. She is not the only person to get something for free on the NHS, we all do. Some people get treatment for depression, for pain, for skin conditions. Some people get medication on prescription they might be able to afford themselves over the counter, but choose not to. Some people don’t bother turning up for their GP appointment and think nothing of it (11 million appointments missed in one year according to the last survey I read).

The main point is even if you, me, her, him think this is wrong – it doesn’t give you the right to bully someone in this way. This isn’t a joke, it isn’t funny. She’s a person, a human being. End of,

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2 thoughts on “Stripped bare.

  1. Absolutely spot on, completely sickened by the words thrown about concerning her as a woman. Thanks for this great comment.

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