Look at me.

Someone I know (we’ll leave it like that) pulled me to one side this week. Look she said. I looked. Look at my eyebrows, she said. I looked and my first thought to be honest was, oh that’s her natural hair colour. She kept staring at me. I began to panic. I’ve been here before. The last time it happened, it was an ex-colleague and this time it was her mouth. Oh I love your new lipstick, yeah it really suits you, I said. I’ve just spent twenty grand on new teeth, she said. Oh. I said.

Back to the eyebrows.

So I’m staring and the best my brain could come up with was that they were in a new shape. However I left a careful amount of pause before jumping in with that. BOTOX, she shouted. Oh thank you to whoever may or may not be up there, I thought.

Botox. Her first time.

Look at me frowning, she said. Not one sign of life, not one wrinkle, nothing. Look at my surprised look, she said. Nothing, just a very very smooth forehead. I’m cross now she said. Now I’m happy. You get the picture, it went on for a while. I laughed until I cried.

I’ve always been against the idea of botox, for me, but wow – not one wrinkle. Yes I know that means your forehead can’t react to pain or happiness but you’ve got the rest of your body to do that with.

What’s his number? I said 🙂


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