To me. Stop it.

I’ve turned into one of them. It has got worse yesterday and today. But it’s there quite a lot lately. I used to stifle a laugh about people that did it. Now I’m doing it. The weather. In particular, snow. I’m obsessed.

Posting Facebook pictures of my car with snow on it. A bench with snow on it. My dogs, in snow. A phone box, with snow around it. That last one was ‘arty’.

I’m discussing the drifts with neighbours. Talking to the shop keeper with interest about how this weather means he hadn’t had the papers delivered for the first time since he opened up. And how he had to keep the door shut. For the first time ever.

I visited the older family members, checked they’re ok. They wondered why I kept calling over and one ended up offering me whiskey. And a mint imperial.

I complained about the electric going off to anyone who’d listen and I obsessed about the freezer defrosting, I checked how much milk and bread I had on an hourly basis and began incessantly boiling water and buying fairly liquid to wash up. Despite having a dish washer. I took a blanket out with me on my car journey. It said to do this on the news. I suggested we took a flask too.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

In work, I manage. At home, I panic. The electric could be off for a week, I said. What will we eat, i said. How will Asda get here, i said. There a shop ten feet away, they said.

I look in the shed to see if I own a shovel. I do. I’m ecstatic.

The tv, Internet and phone have been replaced with candles, Cluedo, cheese, biscuits and Cabernet. All very nice – but what will we do tomorrow? It’ll continue to snow, they say and it’ll be cold they say. Then it’ll be icy. I’m panicked….as the forecast only got to Wednesday.

How on earth can I plan what I’m going to wear on Thursday??


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