Not a very pink Bulgaria…..

I forgot this bit which I have to say was rather weird, being in Bulgaria with my girlfriend and feeling like we couldn’t show affection.  Now, before and if for some absurd reason any Bulgarians are reading this – I’m not saying we were exposed to homophobia at all.  However I did a little research before going and it clearly stated that being gay was ok as long as it was behind closed doors.  This may or may not have been true.  However when you are in a new country and when you arrive at that new country and one of the first things you see in large letters of blue and red graffiti is ‘fuck off you gays’, you can forgive us perhaps for being a little cautious.  And the country is literally full of blokes.  Blokes driving taxis, blokes driving buses, blokes running bars, blokes giving lessons, blokes blokes blokes.  We sat outside a bar and because we had no ‘bloke’ – we got shouted at. Where are the boys, he said. What boys, I said.  Oh you’re single, he said.  No I’m a lesbian, I said.

In my head.

Of course.

And I think that is what has made me a little cross with myself!


6 thoughts on “Not a very pink Bulgaria…..

  1. I am half Russian and half Bulgarian born and raised in Bulgaria. I am also an out bisexual and yeah-you are right that you can be whoever you want only when you’re at home. It’s like your home is your free country in which everything’s allowed and you do whatever you want with whoever you want but only if you’re home.
    Since I came out, I’ve been facing discrimination in all forms, I won’t lie about that but it is better for me to be out instead of being still in the closet.
    Whenever you go in another country, which is more open towards that touchy subject, it is better for people like me.
    I know that many would disagree with what I say but that’s what I believe in.
    I read that you’re gay-I bet you’ve also felt discrimination yourself one way or another but Bulgarians will always be Bulgarians in a sense-I suggest you finding happiness somewhere else because Bulgaria can’t really give you that not only as we’re speaking towards the sexual orientation of a person.

    1. I really don’t want to appear as anti Bulgarian because I have only spent 5 days there and I did have fun when I got used to my surroundings. I was annoyed that I didn’t feel powerful or brave enough to be myself entirely and you are right that it takes courage from others to make it easier for people like you. Of course there is discrimination whenever you are living a ‘minority’ lifestyle but in my lifetime it has been very little in the UK, although I know that is not the same for everyone. I am open at home and I think that makes it easy for people to accept. Hope things improve. Great blog xx

      1. Why were you in Bulgaria? 🙂
        If it makes you feel better, none of us can really be 100% themselves but it is annoying that you can’t express love. I get angry when I see people trying to “get rid of love”. like before the last pride parade in Sofia-there was this pope, who has sent a letter all over the TV companies to make people “go on throwing stones on the gays and the supporting people”. That’s how I came up with the theory that all of the popes are either gay or asexual…
        I won’t disagree with you about the discrimination-I am aware that it’s everywhere but when I compare Bulgaria with Canada for example, tears appear on my face because like you probably know-all anti-gay parades are banned and same sex marriage is legal. In Bulgaria, I don’t think it’s ever going to be…

      2. The UK is certainly more open thankfully but that has taken a lot of courage. There is still a lot of people who want to make out it is something awful or dirty or weird but it is just love and lust and like and patience and rows,like other relationships. People shouldn’t be told whose hand they can hold. We went skiing which is why we were there. Have you been out of Bulgaria?x

      3. No sadly, not yet but I will be out of Bulgaria soon if everything goes as planned.
        And yeah-many people have sacrificed a lot so now in The UK you can have that right 🙂

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