To whom it may or may not concern

So, Mothers day. I really want to not like this day, I want to be saying what a load of commercial rubbish. However again, just like Valentines, I’m engrossed with it all. On the days preceding 14th of Feb you’ll find me first in the queue for red heart shaped plastic glasses and the fluffy red devil toy. Pathetic. Today I’m pretending not to wait for my son to come up with a cup of tea and I lie when I tell my daughter not to spend her money on a present or card. I well up at the card I get, I’m the best mum in the world. Along with millions of you, I know.

So why does this happen it me? I think it is the romance of it all, to be loved and needed and give love and show those around you they’re needed. Yep that’s it. Other days blurr into Krave, hummus sandwiches at the computer, work, dog walking, school, children and tv. Oh and wine. So perhaps we need special days to give us an excuse. I used it today to as an excuse to make afternoon tea and invite my step dad and his lovely 83 yr old mum over, along with my mum of course. I used it as an excuse to drink Prosecco at 2pm and eat Brie and apple sandwiches and I used it to get my cake stand out and eat masses of angel cake and scones and cream. I also used it as an excuse make a lovely fire in the wood burner and stayed in bed until 10am reading twitter!

We might think we shouldn’t need this day to give us a push but everyone needs a reminder now and again and yes it is commercialism. But if commercialism gives you a reason to love someone a little bit more or to eat more Angel cake. Bring it on, I say.



1970s – My brother and I dressed by mother and I do still love her!


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